Best Single Documentary

Arena: Jonathan Miller (BBC Four)

Arena:The Dreams of William Golding (BBC Four)

Britain in a Day (BBC Two)

Dan Snow Battle of the Somme (Discovery Channel)

Dispatches: Great Ticket Scandal (Channel 4)

Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile (ITV1)

Four Born Every Second (BBC One)

Golden Oldies (BBC One)

Lifers (Channel 4)

London: The Modern Babylon Julien Temple (BBC Two)

Mark Gatiss: Horror Europa (BBC Four)

Storyville: Fire in Babylon (BBC Four)

Storyville: Tabloid – Sex in Chains (BBC Four)

Tales of Television Centre (BBC Four)

The Plane Crash (Channel 4)

The South Bank Show – Grime (Sky Arts)

The Toilet: An Unspoken History (BBC Four)

The Trouble with Aid (BBC4)

This World : Inside The Meltdown (BBC Two)

This World : Norway’s Massacre (BBC Two)