34th Broadcasting Press Guild Television and Radio Awards

Turner BroadcastingThe 34th Broadcasting Press Guild Television and Radio Awards will be held on April 4, 2008 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London. The Guild is pleased that for a second year the Awards will be sponsored by Turner Broadcasting Europe, the home of CNN, Cartoon Network and TCM.

As always this informal event promises to be a star studded occasion. You can look at previous award winners and view photographs of the events by clicking the dates in the panel on the right.

All but four of the Awards are voted for by the membership. There are two special juries for the Radio and Multichannel Awards. Members vote directly on the awards from the nine main categories aided by lists of the year’s programmes from the big five terrestrial channels drawn up by member Nick Radlo.

Radio Awards

The Radio jury is chaired by John Plunkett radio editor of Media Guardian. There are two Radio Awards, Radio Broadcaster of the Year and Radio Programme of the Year, won in 2007 by Sandy Toksvig and the BBC Radio 4 comedy Down the Line.

If there is a particular radio programme or personality you think worthy of the 2008 award please Email John.

Multichannel Programme Award

The Multichannel jury is chaired by Julian Clover, editorial director, Broadband TV News. In 2007 the Multichannel Award was given to Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather (The Mob Film Company for Sky One and RHI). The purpose of the multichannel award is to recognise a production that would fit seamlessly in to the schedules of one of the big five terrestrial channels. One nomination is allowed per channel along with an short explanation of the programme and its commissioning.

You can Email Julian with your suggestions or send a DVD to

Julian Clover, PO Box 499, Cambridge CB1 0BH.