Voting for the BPG Awards 2016 (for programmes aired in 2015) begins January 18th and closes January 22nd at midnight.

You are invited to by voting on the online form.

You can find the nominations lists here:

All paid-up members of the BPG are allowed one vote per Awards category; there are 12 TV Nominations categories to complete, including two that have write-in boxes: The first is for the BPG Innovation Award, which is for “innovation in broadcasting” – this awards a programme, a technology, or broadcaster breaking new ground in the broadcast arena. The second write-in category is for the BPG Breakthrough Award, designed to reflect a performer or company who/that has come to attention during 2015.

Once you have clicked onto the voting section of the site, here’s how to vote: First, fill out your personal info details, then check the list of nominees for each award by clicking on the award titles on the right of the screen. After making your choice, type it into the relevant box on the voting form. (Editor’s tip: we encourage you to vote in every category. You can navigate between the lists and the voting form by either using the back button or opening up a second browser window with the lists in it). This year we have added a second list of Non-Public Service Broadcasters’ programmes to every TV nomination category except single drama where there were no contenders. You also are given one vote in each genre category for a Non-PB programme or actor. We encourage you to vote in the Non-PSB lists and to help your decisons have added links this year to short clips of the Non-PSB (multichannel) programmes.

For your vote to count, there are two things you must do: *check your personal info boxes are filled out correctly and Once you have made all your selections, press the blue ‘Submit’ box at the very bottom of the voting form. Only hit the ‘Submit’ button once you are finished voting. You will receive an email acknowledgement if your voting form has been filled out correctly. If for some reason you don’t receive an acknowledgement, do check your Spam filter.

If, at any time, you see a message asking you to accept “cookies” please say yes and to solve any other problems, please contact Nick Radlo at 020 8542 8392

First round votes have to be in by midnight Friday January 22, 2016. The second and final round of voting to select the winners will take place from January 25th to January 29th, 2016. Please vote in BOTH rounds.

The BPG TV and Radio Awards Lunch is Friday March 11, 2016

An email inviting you to apply for tickets will arrive in a few weeks.

Kate Bulkley, BPG Awards Secretary

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