BPG Members: Have you seen anything good on the telly this year?

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Invitation to broadcasters to suggest programmes and talent

Changes in the BPG Awards for 2013

(Nominees must be from programmes aired in calendar year 2012)

The BPG Awards have always been both nominated and awarded based on the views of our expert membership, and this will continue to be the case. But from the 2013 Awards (ie now) onwards, the BPG is soliciting suggestions from broadcasters of their best programmes (or talent) in each category.

This will help to ensure that no programme is accidentally overlooked, and that different (especially smaller) broadcasters are properly represented. A broadcaster’s suggestions are not ‘entries’, as with some other awards ceremonies. In particular, a broadcaster’s suggested list is simply that, suggestions to BPG Nominations Committee, which is composed entirely of working TV critics.

Suggesting a programme for inclusion costs the broadcasters nothing, and requires only that the programme title, first TX date and channel on which it first aired be sent back to me by email (see above). There is no need for any viewing material or any supporting text, to be supplied. However, if broadcasters want to include a short blurb and a link to a promo on YouTube, they will be accepted.


What Broadcasters need to do now

Please read the criteria below, and check that any programmes you wish to enter are eligible. For each category in which your organisation wishes to make suggestions, please email
with no more than five suggestions for each channel that you broadcast.

Please also email me if you have any concerns about the category into which a particular programme fits.

While we are not actively soliciting suggestions from production companies, we’ll be happy to consider any that are put forward.

I’ll need to have your suggestions before the Christmas break.


General criteria for entry in the BPG Awards

Programmes must have been commissioned by, and produced for, a UK television channel. Co-productions are eligible; acquisitions are not.

The programme episodes that are suggested must have been broadcast for the first time in calendar 2012. Returning series are eligible, so long as they broadcast new episodes in calendar 2012.

Programmes should be suggested in the category into which they best fit, regardless of which genre team was responsible for commissioning them.

Suggestions for the actor, actress, writer and breakthrough awards must stem from programmes that fulfil the above criteria.





Best Comedy or Entertainment

This award is for comedy and entertainment programmes, both scripted and unscripted, and includes both series and one-offs. Competitive entertainment programmes fit in this category, if they are judged on the basis of performance (such as singing or dancing). Factual entertainment programmes have their own category (see below).

Best Factual Entertainment

This award is for factual entertainment series, which are usually formatted. They may include a competitive element, but for skills other than pure performance.

Best Single Documentary

This award is for one-off documentary films, including current affairs programmes. Single films broadcast as part of a strand (eg Panorama, Storyville, Exposure, Cutting Edge) should be suggested in this category.

Best Documentary Series

This award is for documentary series that consist of two or more programmes, and which have been broadcast separately from a pre-existing strand. Individual films from pre-existing strands should be suggested in the Best Single Documentary category.

Best Single Drama

This award is for scripted drama programmes that consist of only one film, broadcast continuously on one occasion.

Best Drama Series

This award is for scripted drama programmes, whether series or serials, that consist of more than one episode.

Best Actor

This award is for the most outstanding male actor across television output for the whole of the year. Individual actors may be cited for more than one series, and for series on different channels.

Best Actress

This award is for the most outstanding female actor across television output for the whole of the year. Individual actresses may be cited for more than one series, and for series on different channels.

Best Writer

This award is for the most outstanding writer of scripted television across the whole of the year. Individual writers may be cited for more than one series, and for series on different channels

Best Multichannel Programme

This award is for programmes that were first broadcast on, and commissioned principally for, a channel not wholly owned by a public service broadcaster. For example, UKTV channels are eligible, but BBC3 and E4 are not.

Breakthrough Award

This award is designed to spark the imagination. It is for an individual who has truly made a breakthrough in their work in television during 2012, whether on screen or off, and whether a newly discovered talent or not. Wide-ranging suggestions are welcome

Martin Jackson Funeral Details

As you know, the sad news of Martin’s death was announced just after Christmas. There is a tribute on the BPG website and you are invited to submit your own recollections there.

Martin’s funeral will be on Thursday January 14, 2010, at 15.30, at Hastings Crematorium, The Ridge, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 2AE. And afterwards at Martin’s home at Hawkhurst, Kent.  More details are available from his daughter Rebekah by Email or on 01580 753624. If you can, please let Rebekah know if you are likely to attend afterwards.

Family flowers only please. Donations to Hospice in the Weald via KB

Sills funeral directors on 01580 712284.