Innovation Award

Since 2006 the BPG Innovation Award has been given to recognise original thinking across programming, production and technology.

List of winners of the Innovation Award

Russell T Davies

Russell T Davies

2016: Russell T Davies for creating the multiplatform drama series Cucumber, Banana and Tofu, for the differing, but interlinked audiences of Channel 4, E4 and All 4.
2015: Vice News for The Islamic State and other original commissions
2014: Sky Television ā€“ for 25 years of innovation
2013 BBC Olympics
2012 Monterosa Productions & Remarkable Television for the online game linked to Channel 4ā€™s The Million Pound Drop)
2011 Sky News, the BBC and ITV in recognition of the General Election Leaders Debate
2010 Sky Arts
2009 BBC iPlayer (BBC Future Media & Technology, for bringing online catch-up TV to a mass audience)
2008 Bebo (LG15 Studios for Bebo)
2007 Planet Earth ā€“ pioneering film and production techniques (BBC Natural History Unit co-production with BBC Worldwide, Discovery and NHK for BBC One)
2006 BBC Radio and Music Interactive

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