Innovation Award

Since 2006 the BPG Innovation Award has been given to recognise original thinking across programming, production and technology.

List of winners of the Innovation Award

Russell T Davies

Russell T Davies

2016: Russell T Davies for creating the multiplatform drama series Cucumber, Banana and Tofu, for the differing, but interlinked audiences of Channel 4, E4 and All 4.
2015: Vice News for The Islamic State and other original commissions
2014: Sky Television – for 25 years of innovation
2013 BBC Olympics
2012 Monterosa Productions & Remarkable Television for the online game linked to Channel 4’s The Million Pound Drop)
2011 Sky News, the BBC and ITV in recognition of the General Election Leaders Debate
2010 Sky Arts
2009 BBC iPlayer (BBC Future Media & Technology, for bringing online catch-up TV to a mass audience)
2008 Bebo (LG15 Studios for Bebo)
2007 Planet Earth – pioneering film and production techniques (BBC Natural History Unit co-production with BBC Worldwide, Discovery and NHK for BBC One)
2006 BBC Radio and Music Interactive

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