Breakthrough Award

The Breakthrough Award established in 2012 recognises an individual performer who has ‘broken through’ to the big time in the year in question.

Harry and Jack Williams (The Missing)
James Norton (Happy Valley/Grantchester)
Maddy Hill (EastEnders)


  1. Robin Parker says

    Jamie Mathieson
    Writer who joined the Doctor Who team this year and delivered two standout episodes, taking show in bold directions and standing alongside Steven Moffat’s best.
    Previously done a few Being Humans but not broken through. Now fans are clamouring for more from him.

  2. Wholeheartedly support James Norton’s nomination, but mindful that we awarded Olivia Coleman a ‘Breakthrough’ Award a year or two back when Best Actress was also deserved.

    His portrayal of Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley was truly chilling.

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