Best Documentary Programme

Storyville: The Time of Their Lives, BBC4

Storyville: The Genius and the Boys, BBC4

Storyville: The Jazz Baroness, BBC4

9/11: Phone Calls from the Towers, C4

Man on Wire, BBC2

Arena: TS Eliot, BBC 2

Louis Theroux: A Place for Paedophiles, BBC1

My Wall Street, Channel 4

Dispatches: Orphans of Burma’s Cyclone, C4

Dispatches: Terror in Mumbai, C4

Dancing on Ice: the Story of Bolero, ITV1

The Susan Boyle Story, ITV1

Wounded, BBC1

Imagine: David Hockney, BBC1

Imagine: Own Art, BBC1

Nasa: Triumph & Tragedy, BBC2

Dispatches: Congo’s Forgotten Children, C4

Wonderland: The Alzheimer’s Choir, BBC2

Wonderland: The British in Bed, BBC2

The Solitary Life of Cranes, More4

Confessions of a Traffic Warden, C4

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