Best Documentary Series

Russia a Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby (BBC2)
Age of Terror (BBC2)
Life in Cold Blood (BBC1)
A Year in Tibet (BBC4)
Tiger: Spy in the Jungle (BBC1)
Chinese School (BBC4)
The Family (C4)
The American Future: a History, by Simon Schama (BBC2)
Tribal Wives (BBC2)
Jews (BBC4)
Amazon with Bruce Parry (BBC2)
Stephen Fry in America (BBC2)
The Story of Maths (BBC4)
The Ascent of Money (C4)
Boris Johnson’s After Rome (BBC2)
Ross Kemp in Afghanistan (Sky1)
World War II: Behind Closed Doors (BBC2)
The Art of Spain (BBC4)
Britain from Above, BBC1
The Genius of Charles Darwin, Channel 4
Wild China, BBC2
Sacred Music, BBC4
The Department Store, BBC4

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