Best Documentary Series

Civilisations (BBC Two)
The Detectives: Murder on the Streets (BBC Two)
Drugsland (BBC Three)
Dynasties (BBC One)
Frankie Goes To Russia (BBC Two)
Generation Gifted (BBC Two)
A House Through Time (BBC Two)
Inside the Foreign Office (BBC Two)
Life and Death Row (BBC Two)
Prison (C4)
Louis Theroux: Altered States (BBC Two)
Michael Palin in North Korea (C5)
The Mighty Redcar (BBC Two)
Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds (C4)
Reported Missing (BBC One)
Stephen: The Murder that Changed a Nation (BBC One)
Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls (BBC Two)
Emma Willis: Delivering Babies (W)
Why Does Everyone Hate the English (History)
Inside the Ambulance (W)