BPG in the News – November 5, 2008

Broadcasters should curb swearing on TV, says ITV’s Michael Grade – Daily Telegraph
Television has a duty to reflect people’s everyday use of language but the prevalence of swear words on television is alienating large swathes of the audience, said Michael Grade … [Read more…]

North West Evening Mail (North-West Evening Mail)
Why swear to get a message across? NOT so very long ago if a child swore it would have been frowned upon. If that child was with his or her parents, they would have been acutely embarrassed, and the y. […] [Read more…]

Russell Brand – Itv Chief Calls For Broadcasters To Cut Bad Language (ContactMusic)
Michael Grade, the executive chairman of ITV, has hit out at the rather indiscriminate use of bad language in broadcasting.Speaking at a London meeting … [Read more…]

Grade’s call over swearing on TV – BBC News
Broadcasters must cut down on the use of bad language which has become “rather indiscriminate”,
ITV executive chairman Michael Grade has warned. The use of the “f-word” in… [Read more…]

Grade: Ofcom’s product placement code ‘nonsense’ – C21Media
ITV executive chairman Michael Grade yesterday repeated his call for the UK’s product placement rules. […] [Read more…]

Grade’s call over swearing on TV (BBC News)
Broadcasters should use less bad language which has become “rather indiscriminate”, ITV boss Michael Grade warns. [Read more…]

ITV boss says it’s time to clean up &@!?& language – What’s On TV
The head of ITV, Michael Grade, has attacked the ‘indiscriminate’ attitude to swearing on T. […] [Read more…]

Fury Over Clarkson Prostitute Gag (SkyNews via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News)
Jeremy Clarkson has sparked fresh BBC controversy by joking about murdering prostitutes. [Read more…]

ITV boss wages war on swearing on TV (Daily Mirror)
ITV boss Grade blasts too much use of F-word [Read more…]

WAR ON TV SWEARING – Mirror.co.uk
Outraged Itv supremo Michael Grade last night vowed to wage war against “indiscriminate&quo. […] [Read more…]

Grade attacks swearing on TV – Broadcastnow
ITV executive chairman Michael Grade had criticised public service broadcasters’ “indiscriminate” acceptance of strong. […] [Read more…]

Newspaper publishers urge BBC to drop local online video plan (The Herald)
Newspaper publishers are calling on the BBC to suspend plans to spend £68m on a network
of 65 websites covering the whole country to provide local on-demand video
news. [Read more…]

ITV boss says ‘cut bad language’ – Rapid tv news
ITV’s executive chairman Michael Grade (pictured, left) admitted that there’sa revolution
taking place in broadcasting. […] [Read more…]

Kangaroo complainants living in dream world – Broadband TV News
ITV executive chairman Michael Grade has launched a stinging att. […] [Read more…]

Cameron attacks ‘overmighty” BBC – Financial Times
David Cameron, the leader of the opposition, on Monday accused the BBC of being overmighty and
suggested that a future Conservative government would hand back any excess licence … [Read more…]

Grade hits back at Kangaroo critics – C21Media
ITV exec chairman Michael Grade has called on opponents of Project Kangaroo, the UK commercial
broadcaster’s on-demand ventu. […] [Read more…]

Michael Grade: ITV is not ‘threatening’ to give up PSB – Press Gazette
ITV executive chairman Michael Grade has said he is confident that a solution to. […] [Read more…]

Cut the swearing on our screens, says ITV’s Grade (Evening Standard)
THE chief executive of ITV today called for less swearing in British broadcasting in the wake of the BBC phone row. [Read more…]

Michael Grade: stop indiscriminate TV swearing – Guardian Unlimited
The ITV executive chairman, Michael Grade , has called for a clampdown on swearing after the 9pm watershed, saying the use of offensive words was now “indiscriminate”. Grade’s call … [Read more…]

Michael Grade Calls For Swearing Cutback – Waveguide
ITV executive chairman, Michael Grade, has called for a clampdown on swearing after the 21:00 watershed, saying the use of offensive words was now “indiscriminate”. “I do think the … [Read

Suspend BBC video inquiry says Newspaper Society (holdthefrontpage.co.uk)
Lawyers acting for the Newspaper Society have today called on the BBC Trust and Ofcom
to suspend their inquiry into the BBC’s plans for 65 local online video outlets. [Read

BBC “biased against regional media” says editor (holdthefrontpage.co.uk)
Newspaper bosses and editors have hit back at claims by the chairman of the BBC Trust that the regional
press is now too weak to deliver a quality local news service. [Read more…]